University of Nebraska Medical Center

Medical Scientist Training Program

Faculty member holds up a microscope slide and discusses it with a student

Become a physician-scientist with the clinical and research tools you need to change medicine. 

The Medical Scientist Training Program combines medical and research education, leading to both the MD and PhD degrees. This allows you to address a patient's medical struggles while also pursuing research that may define the mechanism of the patient's disease.

As a physician-scientist, you'll have an intimate understanding of the entire health care process, from bench to bedside, from community to public policy. Plus, in addition to contributing to the clinical care of patients, you will advance research through testing novel hypotheses and communicating your findings, locally and nationally.

Through the Medical Scientist Training Program, you'll pursue your MD from our medical college and your PhD from a wide variety of graduate programs. You do not have to select the research lab nor department prior to joining the MD-PhD program.

This MD-PhD program is highly competitive and admits only five or six students each year. Student support is provided by a T32 grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

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