Managing suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19

by Karen Burbach, UNMC strategic communications | August 27, 2020

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You've tested positive for COVID-19 or suspect that you have the virus. What do you do?

UNMC students have been sent a Q&A document from their college/program that provides them with more specific guidance. UNMC faculty and staff should follow the guidance below.

First, stay home to limit spreading the virus to others.

Self-screen using the 1-Check UNMC app or the Nebraska Medicine Symptom Tracker, which will help you make thoughtful decisions about when, or if, you should seek medical attention.

Such steps are referenced in UNMC's Recovery Implementation Plan, which can be found on the UNMC Resources page. This living document recommends contacting Student Health or Employee Health, as well as your supervisor, for guidance on how you can safety return to campus. Individuals who test positive, however, are required to contact Employee Health or Student Health for clearance to return. Those with serious symptoms (shortness of breath, difficulty breathing) should contact the emergency department or the employee or student health clinic, as appropriate. Students on clinical rotations will receive their clearance to return to clinicals by both Student Health and the respective clinical site.

A frequently asked questions document (found in the appendices of the Recovery Implementation Plan) explains the difference between screening and testing, and provides information on who should be tested and how tests are obtained.

View information on COVID-19 testing options available to faculty, staff and students.

In addition, the UNMC COVID-19 Toolkit (officially referred to as the Process Guide for Individuals with Suspected or Proven COVID-19) is available to faculty, supervisors and administrators through the UNMC Office of Health Security and via the UNMC Intranet (see Quick Links/coronavirus resources). The toolkit is intended to assist supervisors and other responsible officials in properly managing the risks of COVID-19 in their area. The toolkit includes procedures for notification, messaging, quarantine and isolation, cleaning precautions, incident reporting and return-to-work guidelines.

Campus-related COVID-19 resources, announcements and plans can be found on the UNMC COVID-19 Resources page.


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