An EVS appreciation contest

Let’s have a little contest in recognition of this week as National Healthcare Environmental Services Week.

Comment on this story with the full name of your favorite medical center EVS worker along with a few words about how great he or she is.

The EVS worker who generates the most comments — or “votes” — gets a $30 gift card to Crave in Midtown Crossing.

You can vote:

  • For more than one EVS worker; but
  • Only once for each EVS worker.

The “polls” close today at 5 p.m.


  1. Steve Schreiner says:

    UNeMed works not only with University employees, but also has visitor from around the United States and the World at large, and the cleanliness and appearance or our facilities in Annex 14 are a great asset to creating a positive opportunity to promote UNMC technologies. Tami Ballenger is a critical part in allowing all of us at UNeMed to focus on what we do, and know that we can invite anyone to our office with confidence that the office space will be clean and inviting for all of our guests.

  2. Beckie McCaw says:

    Clyde (Bubba) Roberts and Dale Dingus do a fantastic job at the College of Public Health.

  3. Pam Smith says:

    Tomas Vizcaya-Landaverde. Best worker on this floor. Goes way above and beyond.

  4. Eleanor Rogan says:

    Dale Dingus keeps the College of Public Health looking great and he is always pleasant and responsive to any requests.

  5. Hali Sedlak says:

    My vote is for Sang Schweer in ADC 🙂

  6. Stephen Rennard says:

    Rose Milan is wonderful. Dedicated, pleasant and personable.

  7. Irma Sanchez says:

    Betty Bonaparte always makes my day with her enthusiasm! She is diligent in every aspect of her work with never a complaint. It is a joy to see her smile every morning, she teaches us all to be grateful even for the little things in life.

  8. Bruce says:

    Clyde "Bubba" Roberts and Dale Dingus are absolutely terrific. We in teh College of Public Health are fortunate to have them as colleagues!

  9. Ed Rau says:

    Lisa Lantz, Bob Brandt and Jerry Chaney get my vote for the work they do in maintaining cleanliness in the ESH building.

  10. Pam Ehmke says:

    My vote is for Clyde (Bubba) Roberts and Dale Dingus at the CoPH.

  11. Barb Switzer says:

    My vote is for Linda Osborn, who not only keeps the DRCII 8th floor in good shape, but also has responsibilities throughout both DRC buildings. She is always considerate of our time and workspace, and keeps a good sense of humor about work, while being very responsible. Thanks, Linda, for doing such a good job!

  12. Aleta says:

    I enthusiastically vote for Clyde (Bubba) Roberts and Dale Dingus. They do a fantastic, not to mention methodical, job of keeping the Maurer Center for Public Health beautiful and clean. They are highly-valued members of our COPH family!

  13. Cherie says:


    He is very friendly, always has a smile, and very meticulous in his job duties.

  14. Randy Leister says:

    My vote is for Mary Walls. She does an outstanding job and I sure hope we keep her in the Emergency Medicine Department for a long time.

  15. Ed Ezell says:

    Bob Brandt gets my vote for top EVS person. Always friendly and helpful with waste and recycle.

  16. S says:

    Lisa Lantz. Thanks for all you do.

  17. theresa hubenka says:

    Tomas -Vizacaya-Landaverde is the best EVS worker we've had.

  18. Bill Chaney says:

    Lisa Lantz

    Bob Brandt

    Good workers, helpful and friendly.

  19. Jeannie Ketelsen says:

    Tomas Vizcaya-Landaverde is a very dedicated hard worker. He has a pleasent smile all day every day and he has the 4th Floor MSB the cleanest in the the hospital.

  20. Brandon says:

    Clyde "Bubba" Roberts and Dale Dingus are great. Always ready to help and quick with a smile and hello.

  21. Martin Liu says:

    Rose Milan at DRC II, first floor!

  22. Anna Maroon says:

    Tami Ballenger is THE BEST! She is hardworking and takes pride in what she does. She is AWESOME!

  23. David Mercer says:

    TOMAS VIZCAYA-LANDAVERDE – Tomas probably deserves about 10X the amount he may get. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone who works as hard and takes such obvious pride in a job well done.

  24. Kim Ager says:

    Linda and Bob from Bennett Hall do a FANTASTIC job and are always cheerful and friendly! We could not ask for a better team.

  25. R.Olesh says:


  26. J says:

    Jerry Chaney keeps the floors looking great in ESH!!


  27. Janet Rogers says:

    Tami Ballenger is a GREAT EVS worker…the best! Always pleasant in the morning and gracious! She always checks in with me to see if I have any "special requests". Tami has a great rapport with the CityMatCH staff and takes good care of all of us!

  28. Brittney says:

    Lisa Lantz
    Bob Brandt

  29. Tom O'Connor says:

    We are fortunate to have Zonia Nazaruk take care of us in Public Relations. She is as nice a person as you will ever meet. I look forward to seeing her friendly face every day!

  30. Diana F. says:

    Tami Ballenger at Annex 14 is the best. She is always so very friendly, caring, and does a perfect job of taking care of our offices. She anticipates ahead for issues that may need to be taken care of. We are fortunate to have her caring for Annex 14.

  31. Yoko Gunji says:

    Rose Milan at DRC Ⅱ, first floor!!! She is a very nice person!!! 🙂

  32. Mirna says:

    My Vote is for Lisa Lantz. She is always cheerful and remembers the days when we have heavy recycle days due to meetings. We have had a new employee and Lisa L. cleaned the office for two areas of different moves. Dust is not a problem in my area.
    Great job LISA!

  33. Becky Ramsey says:

    Tami Ballenger rocks! She is always friendly and up for a quick chat, and she's a super hardworker and lightning fast. She gets my vote for coolest EVS worker!

  34. Maureen W. Gatere says:

    Tami Ballenger is great! She is pleasant, polite and does a FANTASTIC job!!

  35. Shunichiro Iwasawa says:

    Rose Milan is the best EVS worker!! She is always kind, cheerful and works hard to make us happy!!

  36. Amanda Lind says:

    My vote is for Clyde (Bubba) Roberts & Dale Dingus! They do a fantastic job & are both very kind!

  37. Jane says:

    Clyde (Bubba) Roberts and Dale Dingus are always friendly and helpful.

  38. Maureen Fitzgerald says:

    Tami Ballenger – she's the sunshine in my morning! I look forward to her stop. Every day, she comes in, quietly does her work with a smile, and is always ready with something sweet, kind or funny to say; encouragement if you need that. Hands down, Tami is a bright spot in the day, even as she keeps our space spic and span clean.

  39. Liz says:

    Lisa Lantz, Bob Brandt and Jerry Chaney do a great job with ESH. Thanks so much for your hard work.

  40. Qinge says:

    Tami Ballenger is the best! She comes to work with a great smile on her face, always. And she does her best to keep us clean! She is my favorite EVS person.

  41. Kristina Bailey says:

    Rose Milan in the DRCII is the BEST!!!

  42. Jean Thierfelder says:

    Betty Bonaparte know all of our names and works tirelessly to take care of us on the 5th floor. She birghtens my day! Jean T

  43. jsdavis says:

    Tomas Vizcaya-Landaverde. 4th Floor MSB

  44. Pam says:

    Zonia Nazaruk in the 4230 building you Rock! Have a great week

  45. C says:

    Lisa Lantz, Bob Brandt, Jerry Chaney!

  46. Pamela Montgomery says:

    Craig not sure of his last name also get a vote from me. We love how you keep the bathrooms beautiful.

  47. Carla Gaul says:

    Sherry Lindsey works hard to keep Lied 8 looking good. We very much appreciate her!!!

  48. Karla Mace says:

    Betty Bonaparte is by far the best!!

  49. Jen Rounds says:

    Gregory in Swanson does a great job and is always very friendly. I actually feel we are fortunate here that all of the EVS workers I have encountered here are friendly and do a great job!

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