University of Nebraska Medical Center

Peer Academic Consultant Profiles

Current PAC Consultants

Emma Alexander, she/her/hers

P3, College of Pharmacy
First-generation graduate student,  dog mom of two, full-time student
I work as a Pharmacist Intern and I am certified in Mental Health First Aid. I would love to assist you with your time management, mental health, academics, and managing stress.

Lindsey Allin, she/her/hers

PA2, College of Allied Health Professions
First gen grad student, out of state student, football lover
Sociable, outgoing, positive, supportive. I love watching and playing sports. Graduate from UNL with a degree in nutrition and exercise program.

Jack Begley, he/him/his

M3, College of Medicine
Husband, friend, teammate, sports fan
While navigating school, family, friendships, and college athletics, I gained valuable time management skills. I am passionate about helping others find balance and efficiency in their lives!

Kate Botkin, she/her/hers

PA2, College of Allied Health Professions
Traditional student, dog mom, foodie
I’m a full-time student finding balance between family, friends, academics, and self care. I enjoy helping folks navigate through the challenges that come with starting in a healthcare program.

Taylor Burke, she/her/hers

M2, MD-PhD Scholar, College of Medicine
Basic science research, clinical trial research, clinical volunteer, Spanish-speaking, out-of-state
I am a physician-scientist in training who does research with Dr. Paul Fey in the department of Immunology, Pathology, and Infectious disease. I am passionate about service learning and regularly volunteer with OneWorld.

Paige Eicher, she/her/hers

M3, College of Medicine
Traditional student, balanced, sports fan
I am currently a full-time student and have a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Creighton University. My strengths academically include time management and work life balance.

Alexis Heller, she/her/hers

PT2, College of Allied Health Professions
Wife, first-generation student, traditional student
I have experience of working multiple jobs while in school full-time. I can assist you with curating a schedule, time management, and study strategies.

Brooke Horner, she/her/hers

PT2, College of Allied Health Professions
Traditional student, Husker fan, family oriented
I am a certified mental health first aider and would be happy to talk to you about other mental challenges that may come with being in a stressful program.

Linda My Huynh, she/her/hers

G1, MD-PhD Scholar, College of Medicine
First-generation student , Vietnamese/Chinese American , homeowner
I am an out-of-state, non-traditional MD-PhD student navigating transitions in school, career, and life. Work-life balance, organization, and time management are what have gotten me this far! 

Jacob Owens, he/him/his

M2, College of Medicine
Traditional student, in-state student, peer
I’m a full-time student balancing academics with research, community engagement, and extracurricular commitments. My specialties include time management, organization, and study habits!

Kamrie Peterson, MSN, MBA, RN (she/her/hers)

DNP, College of Nursing
Parent, first-generation student, non-traditional student, healthcare worker
I have dealt with different personal situations that can affect school, ie. having children, marriage, divorce, and failing a course. Currently work full-time in addition to being a graduate assistant and attending class.

Rebekah Rapoza, she/her/hers

M2, MD-PhD Scholar, College of Medicine
Research, rural student, life-long learner, advocate
I am a full-time student on a physician scientist track passionate about research and medicine, community engagement, and work/life balance. I love sharing time-management strategies, promoting wellness, and cultivating strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Molly Sindelar, she/her/hers

PA-S2, College of Allied Health
Traditional student, advocate, friend
I’m here to help you with time management, stress management, wellness, study skills, or anything in between for your academic and personal success!

Lauren Weis, she/her/hers

M2, College of Medicine
Traditional student, runner, foodie, coffee lover
Since starting school, I've really learned how to balance my time by setting a schedule and boundaries with family, friends, and even personal time. If you're finding a hard time doing the same, I'd love to meet with you and help.