Inclusion and Belonging

UNMC creates an environment of inclusion and belonging for all our faculty, staff and students. Our goal is a welcoming organization where every individual feels valued.

We provide training and development opportunities for all to cultivate the skills needed to effectively engage, communicate and collaborate.

Siobhan Wescott, MD, endowed professor of American Indian health at UNMC

Special Native American Residency Policy

Special Native American tribes are woven into the fabric of Nebraska. Respecting this, UNMC offers in-state tuition rates to enrolled members of 25 tribes who have historical and contemporary ties with Nebraska, whether they are currently living in Nebraska or not. At right: Siobhan Wescott, MD, endowed professor of American Indian health at UNMC

Student Organizations

Student Organizations play an important role in creating a vibrant campus culture, developing leadership skills and enhancing the quality of life for students. Discover organizations and events on ENGAGE.

Gender and Sexuality Resource Center

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center fosters and promotes equity, access and inclusion through education, resources, advocacy and activism. 

A staff member organizes books in the McGoogan Health Sciences Library..

Educational Resources

The McGoogan Health Sciences Library has created a research guide of recommended books, educational resources and articles on inclusion for use by the med center community, as well as the general public.