University of Nebraska Medical Center

Institutional Learning Objectives

Institutional learning objectives describe the holistic development of our students' skills.

Institutional learning objectives are UNMC-wide student learning objectives that clearly state the knowledge, skills, attitudes and critical reasoning that students are expected to acquire and develop at the institution. 

They describe students’ holistic development regardless of their academic discipline and are seamlessly aligned to the UNMC's iTEACH values to reflect the academic, interpersonal and intrapersonal development goals most important to the institution.

iTEACH Institutional Learning Objectives


Creative thinking, at the highest levels of performance, that pushes beyond boundaries in new and unique ways; utilizing one's integrative experiences from multiple areas of knowledge to offer multiple solutions.


Fostering a constructive, respectful team climate through constructive communication and conflict resolution, confidence in the team's strengths and effective collaboration for goal completion.


Achieving success through the synthesis of in-depth information from various points of view and relevant sources; implementing solutions that addresses the complexity of a problem.


Employing independent ethical reasoning and owning the full implications of decisions and their outcomes.


Evaluating and applying diverse perspectives to complex problems and developing novel approaches to a solution without fear of failure.


Embracing personal and social responsibility in addressing ethical, social and global challenges; developing competence in ethical and moral reasoning and engaging in self-reflection for lifelong learning.

Infographic explaining the process UNMC used to develop learning objectives

Infographic: Amplifying Institutional Values Through Assessment

Discover the three phases of UNMC's journey to effectively implement our institutional learning objectives.