University of Nebraska Medical Center


There are a variety of fees associated with setting up and maintaining noncredit courses. 

Technology fees support the contractual and operational costs associated with the learning management system and its integrated services and tools. Course set up fees, maintenance fees and administrative fees support the instructional design, administrative, and business and finance infrastructure required to sustain the program. 

Grant funds from the Office of Noncredit Learning may be available to support course development.

Fee Structure

Fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable. They may be adjusted annually as needed.

Note for Grant Funded Courses: If your course is being funded as part of an external grant, you may be prohibited from charging an enrollment fee that is income generating. It is the instructor's responsibility to obtain prior approval from Sponsored Programs to charge an income-generating fee. Documentation of approval is required.
Type Courses fee applies to Amount
NU Advance Technology Fee Required for all courses $10 per enrolled learner per course
Year 1 Course Setup Fee
(application, course setup, quality assessment, etc.)
 Required for all courses $2,000
Annual Maintenance Fee  Required for reoccurring courses  $500 per course
Administrative Fee
(finance, technology, etc.)​ 
Required for income generating courses  25% of course enrollment fee per learner per course 
Expedited or Change Order, Excess Consultation Fees  Applies to all courses  $2,000 
Multimedia & Instructional Design Fees Optional Email Interactive E-Learning for cost estimate