University of Nebraska Medical Center


UNMC is uniquely poised to provide in-demand skills and experience to today's workforce ... and support faculty while doing so.

The Office of Noncredit Learning is now offering faculty resources to create their own noncredit courses that will be housed in NU Advance. All courses must go through an approval process before becoming available. 

Grant funds are also being offered in 2022-2023 to support faculty in creating noncredit courses. This funding comes from the university's strategic initiative to develop noncredit digital course offerings to strengthen workforce development.

Benefits for Faculty

  • Content dissemination to a wide range of audiences external to the university
  • Establish a national or global reputation as an expert in your field
  • Grant funding may be available to support course fees, graduate assistant support or multimedia development
  • Potential income generation to support professional or departmental interests
  • Professional instructional design support to ensure quality and accessibility

How It Works

  • Faculty identify a need and topic for noncredit learning. View existing noncredit courses.
  • They submit their course request form, which includes information on the course, instructors, audience, financial details and more. The form is also where they request grant funding.
  • If approved, faculty are provided next steps on how to set up their course. 
  • The course is disseminated through NU Advance, who charges a fee for the service. View fee structure.
  • If the course offers digital badging, learners earn a badge after completing the course.

Complete the Course Request Form

Digital Badges

Some noncredit courses allow learners to earn a badge that can be displayed on LinkedIn, a digital portfolio, or a digital resume. Badges are a visual representation of the skill they’ve learned. The digital badge is exclusive to the course, although not all courses offer digital badges.

Three seals representing a course badge with an icon and course name