University of Nebraska Medical Center

About SURP

The UNMC Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) is a collaboration between UNMC departments, institutes, colleges, student services, and graduate specialty areas to provide summer opportunities for undergraduate students to become members of research teams and discover first-hand the broad spectrum of research activities occurring at UNMC.

Each summer there are 80-100 positions available for talented undergraduate students mentored by awarded faculty. These full-time research positions are primarily in research laboratories where students work with team members on an ongoing research project. SURP students attend weekly seminars provided by UNMC researchers to enhance their knowledge about research careers and the variety of research at UNMC. The laboratory experiences obtained by SURP students enhance their competitiveness for later admission to graduate programs at UNMC.

An applicant must be:

  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
  • Currently enrolled as a freshman, sophomore, junior or a December graduate in college
    • graduated seniors will not be given consideration

Other factors considered include:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.4 and above
  • Completion of science courses beyond general biology or chemistry (e.g. organic chemistry, microbiology, genetics, etc.)
  • Research essay and strong letters of recommendation

Stipend Amounts by Department

Department Stipend
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology $3,000
Cellular Integrative Physiology $3,000
Child Health Research Institute/Peds $3,000
Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer $6,000
Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy $3,000
Internal Medicine (SURP) $4,000
Internal Medicine (SUARP) $4,000
MD/PhD Scholars Program $3,600
Munroe Meyer Institute $6,000
Obstetrics and Gynecology $3,500
Pathology and Microbiology $3,000
Pharmaceutical Sciences $3,000
Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience $3,000
Surgery $3,000