University of Nebraska Medical Center

UNMC Vitals

UNMC Vitals is your #1 source for student news and events.

A weekly digest called UNMC Vitals is sent out each Monday morning with a listing of campus events for the upcoming weeks. Vitals is sent to all five campuses and online students. Registered student organizations and campus organizations can submit their events/announcements to Vitals up to three weeks ahead of the event (ensuring that it will run in two total editions of UNMC Vitals). 

Submissions must be made by Friday at 3 p.m. to be included in the following week’s edition.

Events can be submitted to UNMC Vitals via one of two routes:

  • Student organizations or campus departments can directly e-mail their event/announcement to the e-mail address vitals@unmc.edu.
  • Student organizations or campus departments can publish an event in ENGAGE. Published events will be included in Vitals up to two weeks ahead of the event.

Approved Uses & Submission Tips