Multimedia Stories

Displaying Innovation

Told in videos, pictures, text and even a gif or two, these stories depict UNMC's innovation in research, education, patient care and community engagement.

Therapist Sydney Norton works with Hannah Buntin, 5.

Finding Hannah's Voice

Each spoken word is a triumph when childhood apraxia traps them inside. The UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute’s RiteCare Clinic in Hastings is teaching a 5-year-old girl the speech skills to match her outgoing personality – and highlighting the importance of that therapy to central and western Nebraska.

St Patrick Reid, PhD

Making His Own Luck

A man named St. Patrick is bound to be lucky. And UNMC’s St. Patrick Reid, PhD, assistant professor of pathology and microbiology, readily admits that he has been a lucky man.

Maria Alvarran

Closing the Language Gap

Our researchers know equitable access to health care is essential, and they are working to increase diversity in clinical trials. Read this special dual-language report on the experience of one non-English-speaking participant of an oncology clinical trial.

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Jennifer Cera, DNP, and iEXCEL expert Bill Glass review 3D animations of the female pelvic floors.

Learning in 3D

See how Jennifer Cera, DNP, and the iEXCEL visualization team are advancing medical education and women's health through 3D animation of the female anatomy.

Aviva Abosch, MD, PhD, chair of the UNMC Department of Neurosurgery, dons the head frame and box models.

Combatting Anxiety With Innovation

Anxiety among patients considering deep brain stimulation surgery is common, but now UNMC innovators are using simulation and 3D printing to both screen and prepare patients for a surgery in which they remain awake.

Bentley Hinrichs takes part in intensive therapy at the Munroe-Meyer Institute at UNMC.

Hitting New Strides

Munroe-Meyer Institute's intensive therapies are keeping 3-year-old Bentley Hinrichs on his toes. MMI therapists crafted a top-down therapy model for Bentley that his parents say is unlike any they’ve seen.

Ally Dering-Anderson

Women Empowering Women

Nine women in leadership roles at UNMC talk about shaping health care, working through their own struggles and sharing what they've learned to help others succeed.

Benson Edagwa

The Long Walk Home

UNMC is at the precipice of earth-shattering developments in the fight against HIV. We are at that place thanks in large part to a brilliant chemist, whose impact may yet reach back to where he took his journey’s first steps.

Press conference during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020: The Front Line

When the United States government called upon UNMC and Nebraska Medicine to help American citizens during the pandemic, they responded–just as they did in 2014 when they cared for patients with Ebola in the National Biocontainment Unit. This time, the med center helped monitor – at Camp Ashland – 57 Americans who had been working in the Wuhan area of China, where the virus was first reported.

SIM-NE truck near Chimney Rock in western Nebraska

On the Road Again

Rural first responders are "hungry" for emergency training. Here's how UNMC's SIM-NE is coming to the rescue.

Kevin Hanna, MD

Scout's Honor

Dr. Kevin Hanna has dedicated his new career to helping others, thanks in part to a traumatic experience he and his fellow Boy Scouts went through, when he was only 13.

Bob Anderson and Brianna Martinie Anderson

A Lifetime Alliance

Bob and Brianna met while enrolled in UNMC’s health sciences pipeline program for high school students, bringing a new meaning to match day at UNMC.

Stephen Rennard, MD, and his wife, Barbara, studied chicken soup in 2002.

Chicken Soup for UNMC's Soul

A feel-good study by one of UNMC’s top researchers has proven to be comfort food for the media for nearly 30 years. Several years ago, Stephen Rennard, MD, one of UNMC’s top scientists, decided it would be fun to put the old folk wisdom about chicken soup to the test.