University of Nebraska Medical Center

Manage Student Organizations

The Student Life Inclusion and Diversity Office (SLIDO) is committed to the importance of student organizations in:

  • developing leadership skills
  • creating a vibrant campus culture
  • enhancing the quality of life of students
  • building a high quality student experience

In order to best ensure community safety and the effectiveness of student organizations, all student organizations are required to be recognized by SLIDO to function within the university and utilize benefits of membership.

Create a New Student Organization

Re-Register an Existing Student Organization

Every student organization must go through an annual renewal process at the end of the spring semester.

Student Organization Resource Library

Below are forms and documents to help you and your student organization achieve your mission objectives. If a resource you are looking for isn't listed below, please contact slido@unmc.edu. Report broken links to studentsuccess@unmc.edu.