University of Nebraska Medical Center

IPE Curriculum Committee

We are the central steering committee for interprofessional education at UNMC.

Membership consists of at least two members from each college and a student representative. The committee meets monthly and receives input from the student subcommittee.

The group is responsible for the design and implementation of statewide IPE events held in the fall and spring, which serve to introduce IPE to first- and second-year students from all programs. In addition, the IPE Curriculum Committee is also responsible for the development of new IPE initiatives, review of current initiatives, and overall direction of UNMC's IPE program. 

Current Committee Members

Committee Member Area Represents
Sara Bares Medicine
Elizabeth Beam Nursing
Tara Brakke Medicine
Liliana Bronner Medicine
Stephanie Burge Nursing
Claudia Chaperon Nursing
Teresa M. Cochran Allied Health
Shari DeVeney University of Nebraska Omaha
Amber Donnelly Allied Health
Kellie Ellerbusch Munroe-Meyer Institute
Cynthia Ellis Medicine
Lizzy Gillespie Medicine
Jessica Gormley Munroe-Meyer Institute
Shaun Grammar Allied Health
Kay Grant Nebraska Medicine
Teresa Hartman McGoogan Library
Carol Hasbrouck Academic Affairs
William Hay Medicine
Michael Hollins iEXCEL
Karen Honeycutt Allied Health
Michelle Johnson Nursing
Victoria Kennel Allied Health
Kristan Lester Interprofessional Academy of Educators
Sarah Lowman Dentistry
Bethany Lowndes Medicine
Devin Nickol Medicine
Margaret Ofe Fleck Nursing
Adam Rosen University of Nebraska Omaha
Yun Saksena Dentistry
Geoffrey Talmon Medicine
Kate Wampler Allied Health
Jana Wardian Medicine
Danielle Westmark McGoogan Library
Gary Yee Pharmacy