Warning: E-mail may be scam

Several emails are being received by UNMC employees and students warning them that they have reached their limit and are given a link to click on in order to upgrade their email quota. These are phony phishing schemes which you should not respond to. Phishing emails may contain links to websites that are infected with malware.

UNMC would never ask for a password in an email. Never give out your password through an email request. ITS emphasizes that no one should provide their password to anyone else – especially if asked for it in an email.

If you receive one of these phishing emails, please delete the email immediately and report the incident to the UNMC ITS Helpdesk as soon as possible. If you responded to the email, then please change your password immediately. You can make reports via phone at 559-7700 or email to Microsoft has a useful webpage explaining how to recognize phishing email messages.

All UNMC employees are given 2 GB space for email. You will start getting warnings at 1.5 GB indicating you are reaching your quota. When you reach 2 GB, you will continue to receive emails but will not be able to send. Students are limited to 1 GB. Click here for tips on learning how to manage your Outlook email. If you have additional questions, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 559-7700.