University of Nebraska Medical Center

SHPEP Job Opportunities

Looking for a meaningful and rewarding temporary full-time summer opportunity? Interested in helping us grow a more diverse health professions workforce and bringing about a culture of health?

SHPEP will be opening applications for summer 2024 before the end of the year. We are expecting 80 first and second year college students from across the United States to come explore careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing, and pharmacy. And we need your help welcoming them to our UNMC family.

Hear testimonials from fellow students who worked for SHPEP in 2022 and learn why you should apply to work with us.

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Open Summer Positions

Position Stipend Positions Available Position Dates
Program Assistant $14,000 One 3/1/24-8/31/24
Head Learning Community Lead $5,500 One 6/10/24-8/2/24
Learning Community Lead $5,000 Six 6/10/24-8/2/24
Head Residence Life and Social Activity Lead $3,500 One 7/1/24-8/2/24
Residence Life and Social Activity Lead $3,000 Six 7/1/24-8/2/24


  • “My experience working in SHPEP strengthened my ability to inspire enthusiasm in others, construct engaging activities, and build community.”
  • “For me one of the best parts about the job was to be able to serve as a peer mentor.”
  •  “I will forever cherish the individual journey of each student growing so much in such a small amount of time.”
  •  “You get to hang out with your friends every day, but it’s your job. So that’s cool!”
  •  “I feel I learned things from other cultures that I never would have found out until I was working in the medical field more.”


  • “I was really grateful that I got to do this job with my classmates, and learning more about them, as well as learning about the students.”
  •  “I felt like I could make an impact just with my stories, and sharing about my failures and my triumphs, which helped them feel like professional school is something they can accomplish.”
  •  “There’s a lot of information I wish I had known, and advice I wish I had gotten. This is a great opportunity to act as a mentor and form long-term relationships.”