HR survey shows strong workforce engagement

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Employees are proud to work at — and advocate for — UNMC, according to results from this year’s UNMC Engagement Survey.

The UNMC Engagement Survey — conducted this year by Kenexa, a third-party survey organization — is used to measure and understand employee perceptions of the work climate and what motivates employees to succeed. The goal of the survey is to focus UNMC on the key issues that need improvement to drive employee commitment and performance.

“We’ve learned that employee engagement is strong — people really enjoy working at UNMC,” said Carmen Sirizzotti, division director of strategic staffing, compensation, records and HR IT. “And I’m proud to say the results show that that level of engagement translates across gender and ethnicity.”

View an online summary of the survey results.

Among the key findings of this year’s survey:

  • Advocacy and pride in working at UNMC are particularly high – UNMC results exceeded Kenexa’s benchmark on three questions:
    • I would recommend this company as a great place to work.
    • I rarely think about looking for a new job with another company.
    • I am proud to work for this company.
    • Results of one question — I am extremely satisfied with this company as a place to work — matched the norm.
  • Improvement is needed in employee’s confidence that positive change will result from the survey. This will be addressed through improved communication.
  • There is consistency in engagement among the different genders and ethnicities on topics that range from trust and engagement to compensation and benefits.

This year, 4,393 employees were invited to participate in the survey; 2,943 returned a completed survey resulting in a 67 percent response rate. The 43-question survey asked questions related to 11 categories: future vision, trust, engagement, compensation & benefits, job satisfaction, immediate supervisor/manager, performance management, teamwork, values, work/life balance and survey credibility.

UNMC results were compared to Kenexa’s normative database, which contains responses from more than 400 organizations with 15 million plus employees worldwide.

“We increased our response rate from 52 percent to 67 percent, which is good,” said John Russell, assistant vice chancellor of human resources. “To be most effective, it’s important that we hear from employees at all levels of the organization, as well as across colleges and units.”

Past survey results led to the formation of the Management Series, Learn@Lunch series and an improved new employee orientation.