Solve for pie: Who’s getting pied during Spirit Week?

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Dr. Binhammer

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Talk about taking one for the team.

Ten prominent UNMC faculty and staff members have agreed to put their dignity on the line during Spirit Week.

For $1, members of the UNMC community can buy a chance to put a pie in the face of:

  • Kim Ager, an administrative business associate in the School of Allied Health Professions.
  • Robert Binhammer, Ph.D., retired gross anatomy professor, College of Medicine.
  • Allie Dering-Andersen, Pharm.D., assistant professor, College of Pharmacy.
  • Shawn Gibbs, Ph.D., associate dean for student affairs, College of Public Health.
  • Jeremy Hosein, Student Senate president, College of Medicine.
  • Charles Krobot, Pharm.D., associate dean, College of Pharmacy.
  • Tom O’Connor, senior associate director of communications in the public relations department.
  • Lea Pounds, instructor of health promotion, social and behavioral health, College of Public Health.

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    Dr. Gibbs

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    Dr. Dering-Anderson

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  • John Ridgway, director of the office of experimental programs, College of Pharmacy.
  • James Temme, Charles R. O’Malley Chair for Radiation Science Technology Education, School of Allied Health Professions.

“No, I’m not looking forward to getting a whipped cream pie in the face,” acknowledged O’Connor. “But it’s for a good cause — the funds go to the Student Senate Scholarship Fund — and it’s all in good fun. I’d like to say I’m honored to be nominated . . . but I’m not sure.”

UNMC faculty, staff and students can buy $1 chances to “pie” the person of their choice throughout the month of October. The “pie-ing” will take place at noon Oct. 31 at the Scott Student Plaza. You must be present to “pie” your person of choice.

Spirit Week shirts, “pie” chances for sale

As this year’s Spirit Week approaches, show your UNMC spirit with these shirts.

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Jeremy Hosein

Dr. Krobot

  • Short-sleeve, heather grey T-shirts are $5;
  • Long-sleeved, red T-shirts are $10.

Shirts will be on sale from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. today through Thursday. At the sales tables, you also can donate $1 for a chance to pie your favorite nominees. Shirts will be sold at the Durham Research Center Tuesday and Thursday and at the Sorrell Center Wednesday. Shirt sales will continue throughout Spirit Week, with shirts available at the Spirit Week events.

Shirts can be purchased with cash or checks only. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to wear the shirts during Spirit Week events, which run from Oct. 28 through Oct. 31.

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