Spirit Week 2013: Yoga, massages offered on Wednesday

Spirit Week 2013 continues Wednesday.

As part of Spirit Week’s “Wellness Wednesday” events, a yoga class and massages will be offered to students, faculty and staff at the ice rink.

Wednesday’s Spirit Week events run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the ice rink. Yoga will begin at 11:30 a.m. There also will be free water, fruit and koozies.

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In the event of inclement weather, yoga will be held in the Center for Healthy Living gym, and the free chair massages will be in the Sorrell Center.

Spirit Week shirts, “pie” chances for sale

During Spirit Week, show your UNMC spirit with these shirts.

  • Short-sleeve, heather grey T-shirts are $5;
  • Long-sleeved, red T-shirts are $10.

Shirts will be on sale at each Spirit Week event; you also can donate $1 for a chance to pie your favorite nominees.

Shirts can be purchased with cash, checks or credit cards. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to wear the shirts during Spirit Week events, which run from Monday through Thursday.

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  1. Patty Davis says:

    Regarding today’s scavenger hunt for the Spirit Week celebrations, I am very happy with the enthusiasm on campus about these events. I would like to point out though, that some of today’s scavenger hunt participants were a bit too enthusiastic. I was walking from the hospital building into the Wittson building on the 3rd floor, just after the scavenger hunt began. I saw 4-5 participants running towards me and brushing by people that were walking in the area. They headed into the 3rd floor of the hospital. It just seemed to be one team of participants that were running, as the others were just walking briskly. Not only is this unintelligent, but it is dangerous to other people walking, patients, visitors, etc. who were in the hall. I did see at least one person have to move towards the wall of the hallway just to not be bumped! Although it shouldn’t be necessary, maybe for the next scavenger hunt, the organizers should tell the participants not to run! If even just one person had been bumped into, or accidentally knocked out of the way, someone could have been unnecessarily hurt and for what? A scavenger hunt? This is a hospital! The only people that should ever be running in any of the buildings are those responding to a code or a fire!

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