University of Nebraska Medical Center

Out @ UNMC and Nebraska Medicine

Queer and trans spectrum people are often invisible to the community. OUT @ UNMC and Nebraska Medicine is an online visual depiction of LBGTQ+ faculty and staff on campus. We hope this effort will demonstrate to prospective and current students, faculty, staff, and the broader community that there are many LGBTQ+ people at UNMC and Nebraska Medicine who are celebrated in the community!

If you would like to be added to this page, please email Krysta Larson.

We are OUT @ UNMC and Nebraska Medicine!

Andrew Faltin, he/him/his

Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives
Division of Student Success, UNMC
Identifies as Identifies as gay, cis male


Emily Glenn, she/her/hers

Associate Dean
McGoogan Health Sciences Library, UNMC
Identifies as lesbian, cis female


Krysta Larson, she/her/hers

Communications Specialist
Division of Student Success, UNMC
Identifies as asexual, queer, cis female


Frank Lococo, he/him/his

Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Nebraska Medicine
Identifies as gay, cis male


Melanie Lynch, she/her/hers

Immediate Care Clinic Coordinator
Nebraska Medicine
Identifies as bisexual, cis female


Cody Phillips, he/him/his

Educational Program Coordinator II
College of Medicine, UNMC
Identifies as gay, cis male


Omar Rahman, he/him/his

Director of Genetic Medicine
Munroe-Meyer Institute, UNMC
Identifies as cis male


Elizabeth (Lisa) Rucks, she/her/hers

Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and Microbiology, UNMC
Identifies as bisexual, cis female


Emma Skow, she/they

Administrative Senior Assistant
Quality & Care Experience, Nebraska Medicine
Identifies as pansexual, queer, gender non-conforming