University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pregnant and Parenting Students

Students who are pregnant and/or parenting are protected by Title IX. There are a number of policies and resources available at UNMC to support and accommodate pregnant and parenting students.

Request Support or Accommodations for Pregnancy and Parenting

Students who are pregnant or experiencing pregnancy-related conditions are entitled to academic adjustments and modifications, lactation break time and space, and time off/ excused absences when necessary for pregnancy related conditions.

UNMC has established practices and resources to ensure that students who are pregnant, have a pregnancy-related medical condition, or parenting are not to be excluded from participation in educational or extracurricular activities, denied benefits, or be subjected to discrimination according to Title IX. Additionally, those individuals who experience a medical condition or short term disability due to pregnancy are afforded equal access according to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Please fill out this form to begin the process of setting up supportive measures and/or accommodations.

The GSRC works with students to set up supportive measures and/or accommodations and adjust their plans as needed. Supportive measures or accommodations are approved by the Title IX office and/or the Accessibility Services Center.


UNMC recognizes the importance of supporting new mothers who wish to continue to breastfeed while they are attending school. UNMC acknowledges the health benefits of breastfeeding and believes that UNMC should make private, accessible and comfortable lactation rooms available to students who want to express milk while on campus and away from their infant. Title IX provides protection from discrimination and harassment for pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions including lactation.

Faculty should attempt to be flexible and provide reasonable time to support the needs of nursing mothers.

There are a number of lactation spaces in buildings across UNMC's campuses. The most updated information can be found on the Title IX website.